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CMFS Fact Sheet issued June 2014

In 2008, the City of Calgary and the Calgary Sport Council completed a Sport Needs and Preferences Study and a 10 Year Strategic Plan for Sport Facility Development and Enhancement which was adopted by City Council and identify indoor tracks and other sports facilities as primary priorities. The multi-sport fieldhouse meets these urgent needs.

Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Member Welcome

Thank you to those that made it out to our recent AGM on May 25, 2017. We are excited to have many new individual and team members this year and we want to thank you for demonstrating your support. There is tremendous momentum behind getting a fully funded Fieldhouse announced soon. To that end, engagement with our user groups is paramount as we look to take our Society’s model from that of advocacy to one of execution.

The Fieldhouse is a facility with 100% true public benefit that aligns with the City’s vision for an active healthy population. Any potential location for the Multisport Fieldhouse must be carefully evaluated & compared using the same five major criteria to meet the requirements of amateur sport and the general public:

1. Fieldhouse amenities and program requirements
2. Public/amateur sport users’ ease of access & parking
3. Wide primetime availability for public & amateur sport groups
4. Affordable rates & fees and long term guarantees
5. Governance model to serve the needs of user groups

The Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse (CMFS) will continue to work closely with the City of Calgary and Sport Calgary in support of this much needed facility. Moving forward, CMFS is committed to supporting active consultation with our many user groups and key stakeholders within the province. This will ensure all programming and corresponding design details assist in the most optimal facility experience while keeping the core vision and must have criteria focused on the benefit for all Calgarians.

I would ask all those who are passionate about our cause to get involved by becoming a member, joining the board, volunteer at events or lobby your local decision makers such as Councillors or Provincial Government officials. Each person can make an impact!

I look forward to what we hope to be the most eventful year in our organization’s history.

Jason Zaran, CMFS Chair
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Fuel the Fieldhouse Call to Action

Our new video and online petition are now available on our website. Please sign the petition to show your support for the Fieldhouse project.

Your support is greatly appreciated as we work to achieve this greatly needed multisport facility in Calgary.

Let's do this together!